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Actiontec Modems (M) 
Adelphia (C) 
Adtran (I) 
Anchor Datacomm (M) 
Best Data - Products (M) 
Boca Research (M) 
CableVision (C) 
Cardinal Technologies (M) 
Comcast (C) 
Com21 (C) 
Diamond Multimedia (M) 
digicomsys.com (D) 
DirecPC (S) 
EFL (I/M) 
E-Tech Research (C/I/M) 
General Instrument Corporation (C) 
Global Village (M) 
Hayes Microcomputer Products (M) 
Jones Intercable (C) 
Mitsubishi (I) 
ModemHelp Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarNew11 Jul (M)
ModemHelp: Support for modems.
Modem Plus (M) 
Motorola-Modems (I/M) 
NewCom (M) 
Orbit's DIRECPC (S) 
Simple Technology (M) 
Supra Communications (M) 
U.S. Robotics (M) 
Zoom (C/D/I/M) 
3Com (I/M) 

Note: Type includes: (C)able Modem, (D)SL, (I)SDN, (M)odem, and (S)atellites

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