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So what's lessclicks.com all about?

First of all, a bit of history.  "Less Clicks - Internet Roadmap to Everything" began in January 1998, "Superaces Place - Internet Roadmap to Free Stuff", a site that was dedicated to providing the best free links on the net.  We grew in popularity over the next 2 years, and decided to add other content.  As a result, "Superaces Place" became "Less Clicks".  Why "Less Clicks"?  Frankly we got tired of surfing through multiple sites, search engines, and not getting what we wanted quickly.  We decided to build our site around our new motto.  "We'll Get You There In Less Clicks, Guaranteed or Your Clicks Back!"  

We constantly look for broken links, and continue to improve our site with new technologies, and keeping the user in mind.  We don't wait for somebody to tell us to link to a site, we actively search the best sites on the net, everyday.  When somebody does Suggest A Site, a human reviews each request, and it's added only after its been reviewed, and it is not offensive, illegal, unethical, or, immoral. You don't even half to be the owner of the site.  If you think its good, we'll check it out.  We will make every effort to link your suggest-a-site as requested.  We will also build a new category, if that's appropriate. 

We are very concerned about your privacy.  We don't SPAM, and we keep our advertisements to a minimum, and we are concerned about our sponsors and there advertisements.  We offer this site as a free service to the public, but refuse to accept sponsorship that violates our principles.  If you ever have a complaint, question, problem, or suggestion please let us know at feedback or feedback@lessclicks.com.

Before you explore "Less Clicks" you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the main areas of the site, as listed below:

Internet Sites - Highways

Internet Sites - Highways focuses on the primary internet sites.  It provides top site links by category.  

Internet Resources - Rest Stops

Internet Resources - Rest Stops focuses on the primary tools needed for connecting and using the internet.  It provides top site links by category.

Internet Resources - Free Parking

Internet Resources - Free Parking focuses on the free tools available for webmasters.  Includes lots of other freebies for everybody.

Internet Resources - Toll Booths

Internet Resources - Toll Booths focuses on the pay tools available for webmasters.

Please enjoy your stay, and remember "We'll Get You There In Less Clicks, Guaranteed or Your Clicks Back!"


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