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CGI City (C/P) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
CGI City is a huge resources site for CGI and Perl materials. Great for both novice and advanced web author/developers. Also offering custom programming services.
CGI Programming 101 (C/H) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
CGI Training, Web Hosting, Script Libraries and Resources. Learn CGI today with our easy-to-follow online tutorial.
CGI World On Line (C/P) Less Clicks Star
CGI World Online - Interactive Perl / CGI Scripts for the WWW!
CGI World Net (H) 
Free CGI (C) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Free CGI scripts, tools and resources for webmasters. Download free software. Create a better website.
Joe's Free CGI SCRIPTS From The CRYPT (C/P) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Cutting edge Perl scripts bring your website back from the dead including banner ads, hit statistics, web directory, bulletin board forum and survey with mailing list.
Matt's Script Archive (C/P) 
Over 20 free Perl and C++ CGI scripts to help make your web site more interactive!
Perl Tutorial: Start (P) 
Response-O-Matic (C) 
Scott's Script Archive (C) 
The CGI Cellar (C) Less Clicks Star
The CGI Cellar.
The CGI Collection (C) 
The CGI Resource Index (C/D) Less Clicks Star
Currently 2644 CGI related resources listed in The CGI Resource Index.
The Perl Language Homepage (P) 
The Zone Coaster Free Scripts (C) 
www.perl.com (P) 

Note: Type includes: (C)GI, (D)irectory, (H)elp/Tutorial, and (P)erl

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