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Computer Directories & Manufacturer Type
Anand's Hardware Tech Page D
Acer America M
ACMA Computers M
AMS Tech M
Apple Computer M
AST Research M
Blue Star Marketing M
Compaq Computer M
Core Microsystems M
Dell M
Digital M
EPS Technologies M
Everex Systems M
Fujitsu PC M
Gateway 2000 M
Hewlett-Packard M
HiQ Computers M
Hitachi PC M
IBM Corporation M
Intel Corporation M
Maximus Computers M
Mega Computer Systems M
Micron Electronics M
NETiS Technology M
Nexar PC M
Omnipro Systems M
Pacific Internet M
PC Universe M
Polywell Systems M
Premio M
Quantex M
Rave Computer Association M
Reason Technology M
SAG Electronics M
Silicon Graphics M
Sun Microsystems M
Texas Instruments M
Unisys Systems M

Note: Type includes: (D)irectories, and (M)anufacturer

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