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Site Review:  Please visit Google Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star If its Searching you want, Google Evaluates site popularity by checking number of referrals.  They have certainly earned our 5 star rating.

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AltaVista (S/D) Add a Page 
AltaVista.com provides the most comprehensive search experience on the Web.
All the Web (S) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star Submit Your Site  
All the Web, All the Time - Search.
AOL.com Search (S/D/W/Y) Add Your Site 
AOL Search is the one place where you can simultaneously search all of AOL and the rest of the Internet.
Ask Jeeves (S) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Ask Jeeves! - Search the web in plain English! The fastest and easiest place to find answers online!
Bigfoot (S/D/W/Y) Join Bigfoot 
Bigfoot - Join the E-volution. Customize your email in ways you've only dreamed FREE ! Bigfoot also has the Internet's largest collection of email addresses and 'white page' listings. Finding family friends and colleagues starts here!
Britannica.com (S/D) 
Britannica.com is a free knowledge and learning center for people who seek thoughtful and engaging context to today's affairs. Only Britannica.com lets users simultaneously search the world's most respected encyclopedia, expert reviews of the Web's best sites, timely articles from leading magazines, and related books.
Direct Hit (S/D) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star  Submit Your Site
Direct Hit's award-winning technology provides highly relevant results for any Internet search. By analyzing the activity of millions of previous Internet searchers, Direct Hit determines the most relevant sites for your search request.
Dogpile (S/D)
A multi engine semi-parallel search interface automatically searching 20+ search engines 3 at a time.
Excite (S/D/Y) Add URL 
Turn you on.
Excite-Casino Gamblers Directory (S/D) Suggest A Site Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
From Vegas to online casino's. We've got everything, free games, real cash promotions and the largest searchable gambling directory online filled with tips, collectibles, travel info and more.
Findit-Quick (S/D) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarAdd URL
Search Findit-Quick.com and find what your looking for "Quick".
Galaxy (S/D) Add Your Site 
With 800 million pages of publicly accessible information on the Internet-the most important tool of this new age is one that will allow us to efficiently sort through this maze of information to obtain the facts and information we really need. Galaxy is that tool.
Google (S/D) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star 
Google uses sophisticated next-generation technology to produce the right results fast with every query. Google returns relevant results because it responds to your query using an automated method that ranks relevant websites based on the link structure of the Internet itself.
Highway 61 (S) 
A Metasearch site with an attitude!
HotBot (S/D/W/Y) Add URL 
Hyper-Search (S) 
Search engine using top search engines which allows you to surf the web faster and hassle free.
Infohiway (S/D/W/Y) Add a Link 
We are pleased to discover the likes of 480,000+ unique visitors tapping into our site each month. Now that you've come this far, please let us have a moment to share with you a little of the goodwill we've received.
Infoseek (S/D/W/Y) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star Add URL 
Searching the Web is one of the most popular Internet activities, and Search powered by Infoseek provides some of the best search features available.
Infospace (S/D/W/Y) InfoSpace 
InfoSpace is the Ultimate Directory! You'll find yellow pages, white pages, classifieds, shopping sites, finance information, government data, chat rooms, and much more.
Jayde (S/D) Add URL 
Jayde Online Directory and Search Engine, a searchable database of 1,000,000 plus sites, featuring free site submissions, newsletters, stock quotes classifieds and more!
JoeFarmer (S/D)
Agriculture Farm Directory & Agricultural Search Engine. The nets #1 rated ag and farm search engine.
LinkMonster (S/D) 
LinkMonster Website Search and Announcement Directory.
LookSmart (S/D) Submit a Site 
Other search and navigation providers focus on a single piece of the search puzzle. In contrast, LookSmart offers breadth of service: keyword search, a category-based directory and interactive search services.
Lycos (S/D/W/Y) Add Your Site 
As the Internet has grown in size and complexity, Lycos, Inc. has offered consumers a fast, easy and efficient way to manage its vast resources. By evolving from a portal, which implies a doorway that users pass through on their way to other destinations, to a hub and comprehensive network of sites, Lycos is able to serve all of the basic needs of its Internet visitors, acting as the home base and primary Web resource for its users.
Mamma (S/D) 
Mamma.com - The Mother of All Search Engines, is recognized as one of the top Meta Search Engines on the Internet today. Mamma.com has been experiencing explosive growth since its inception in 1996 and presently services close to 4.7 million unique users and serves up 107 million pageviews on a monthly basis.
Matilda (S/D) 
Welcome this is the home of the following Search Engines: AAA Matilda, Directfind, Boomerang, Webhunter, Australian Post Code Search, as well as complete directory for every single country of the world.. Welcome!
MegaSpider (S/D)Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Metacrawler (S/D) 
Netscape (S/D/W/Y) 
Net Search offers the easiest way to find what you're searching for. With Net Search you can access a range of search and directory services from one page - one-stop shopping for search.
NewZealandNZ (D)
New Zealand's Information Network offering detailed listings and links to New Zealand Businesses, Services, Products, Attractions, Tourism via information-based web sites.
Northern Light (S) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star Register URL 
The Northern Light research engine uses patented classification intelligence and precision relevancy ranking to improve Web searching. We deliver accurate, relevant results from the Web and our Special Collection™ of over 6,200 respected full-text publications not otherwise available to Web searchers, which are organized into Custom Search Folders™ so that users don't have to waste time weeding through useless information.
PointGuide (S/D/W/Y) 
PointGuide.com - Built by You.
Resource Central (D)
Resource Central has many categories to links in support of information retrieval in resource research. We link to the best of the internet world. Resource Central is a family site.
SavvySearch (S) 
Search once, find everything! SavvySearch provides a convenient interface for sending your query to over 250 of the Internet's best search engines.
Scrub The Web (S) Add URL 
STW consistently provides quality results for WWW searches covering the entire Internet. Get your URL Listed at Scrub The Web Today!
SearchEngines.com (H) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Searchengines.com has web marketing tips and secrets that will help with search engine placement, and improve search engine rankings. Searchengines.com features a directory of search engines and directories, as well as tutorials of how search engines work, and how to search better.
SearchHound (S) Submit your URL 
Child-Safe Search Engine. Blocks out adult content. Search for websites, stocks, people, entertainment, software, and more all at once.
SearchKing, Where YOU Rule The Web! (S/D)
The Next Generation Search Engine, Where YOU Rule the Web! SearchKing supports freedom on the Internet by offering a search engine that relies on its users to determine the relevancy and quality of the sites listed in our index. You provide and receive the benefits of this system each time you perform a search!
Search Engine Colossus (D)
SEARCH ENGINE COLOSSUS: International Directory of Search Engines. Gain quick, efficient access to hundreds of search engines from around the world!
Search Thingy (S) 
Search Engines ranked in order of Merit.
SelectSurf (D) Add Site 
SelectSurf offers point and click access to only the best web sites on the internet. To conveniently serve the end user, SelectSurf is arranged in 17 easy to surf Channels which conveniently interface the corresponding topic.
Sitereleases.com - The Newest websites on the internet (S/D/H)Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Sitereleases.com is a search engine of newly released websites on the internet.
Slider - Free Encyclopedia and Search Engine (S/D) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
Snap! (S/D/W/Y) Submit URL 
This search and navigation service from NBC offers the most powerful way to find fast answers on the Web.
Submit Corner Search Engine Submission Guide (H) 
Surf Point (S/D) List Your Site 
Browse through any category for some of the coolest sites on the web. You can perform keyword searches on titles, descriptions, categories, or the URL's of our members' sites. All listings are updated regularly!
The BigHub.com (S/D) 
The final destination for everything. Metasearch. Commerce. Services. News & Content. Community & Chat. Auction. And Beyond.
The Info Service (D)
The Info Service - The Web's Best Resource.
ToggleBot! (S/D) Add URL 
Internet search engine, featuring news, classifieds, auction search, weather and forums.
Top10Links (S/D)
Home to 1000+ Top 10 Web Site Lists! All the best sites ... without all the searching!
USA Online (S/D) Add URL 
Welcome to USA Online! There are more than 20,000 sites displaying our banners or text links. We serve 200,000 to 300,000 requests daily.
Webcrawler (S/D/W/Y) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star Add Your URL 
It's that simple.
Webtipz.com - How to get listed in Yahoo ! (H) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star  
Yahoo is without a doubt the single most important index on the Internet (though Open Directory (see below) is rapidly gaining on them!), and it is an absolute must that you get listed here. After a great deal of thought, I have decided to disable automated submissions to Yahoo, because getting listed is so important, and such a delicate process, that it is better to do it by hand.
Web Wombat (S/D) URL Registration 
Web Wombat Australian Search Engine.
Yahoo (S/D/W/Y) Less Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks StarLess Clicks Star
One of the great features of the Internet is the amount of information it contains. Information that used to be limited to regional distribution via newspapers, televisions, and flyers is now available on a national or even global basis.
Yep.com (S/D)
Yep.com is a unique portal that offers search results based on quality and popularity.
411 Locate (W/Y) Join 
411 locate, Don't just "search" for something "locate it", white pages, email,e-mail, yellow pages, city search, flowers, online greetings, public records, keywords.
555-1212 (W/Y) Add-Update-Remove Listing 
The 555-1212.com Web Site is used by millions of online consumers looking for area codes, phone numbers and related local information in the course of their work.
7Search (S/D) Submit URL
7Search.com a Search Engine That Provides Web Site Information, including email addresses, location, age and site popularity. Information you need to make your selection before you visit. Other search engines or metasearch do not include mailing address.

Note: Type includes: (S)earch, (D)irectory, (H)elp/Guides, (W)hite Pages, and (Y)ellow Pages.

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