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Less Clicks would like to see everyone enjoys their IRC time. Please abide by the following rules and policys. If you do not, you will be disconnected from Less Clicks Chatroom (possibly permanently).  

The following rules apply while using Less Clicks Chatroom:  

  • Flooding, mass-messaging, mass-inviting, harassment and any other actions intended to disrupt the network or prevent other users using IRC as it was intended to are very unwelcome. 
  • All of our chat-rooms are "G" rated.  Keep your actions at this level, or you are subject to being removed without warning. 
  • No cussing, fighting, and no sexual or perverted nicks allowed. 
  • Do NOT form any channels on this server. 
  • No abusive scripts. Users are not allowed to have bots or clones. 
  • Repeated violation of the above rules may result in a K-line or Akill for the entire host or domain. 
  • Ignoring this message is not an excuse. 
  • Use of this server is a privilege, not a right and may be removed or revoked at any time for any reason by the admin or the operators on this server. 
  • Only Less Clicks can use the Alias "Less Clicks". 

Less Clicks thanks you for observing these rules! 

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